Initial Project Meeting

Teachers from participating schools meet in Brixen

Posted by Hana Muzikova and Agnes Kolb on October 19, 2016

As Part of the Erasmus+ Project carried out by the partner organisations Scuola Professionale Provinciale Tschuggmall (South Tyrol), Dobruska (Czech Republic) and the Staatliche Berufsschule II Bayreuth (Germany) ten teachers met to discuss the main milestones of the strategic partnership. The main focus on this partnership is on digitalisation in the context of e-commerce. Despite its economic importance the field of e-commerce and online retailing hardly plays any role in vocational education, so the partners feel this needs to change and thus to make use of innovative training methods which are learner-based, practically oriented and hands-on instead of theoretical. Thereby the students should be trained to make meaningful use of digital technologies to open up new employment possibilities for them.

After a hearty welcome at Scuola Professionale Provinciale Tschuggmall in Brixen the project team started to do the first steps to fulfil the requirements of the programme by discussing the implementation of the project in depth. One of the first items of the agenda was the administration and finance of the project. Besides the introduction of a project homepage and github (a platform for opensource software) as two of the core tools to publish the progress of the project’s activities the team discussed various possibilities on how to disseminate the project’s concept and material. As an incentive for the participating students to identify with the project there will also be a logo competition as a kick-off. Students and teachers will also have the chance to meet each other and work together during the blended mobilities taking place in the participating schools. The dates and schedules have already been fixed and the first meeting of students will be held in Germany where they are supposed to test the material created by the teachers beforehand.

The overall intention of the project is that not only the participating schools will profit from their work but also everybody who is interested in e-commerce.

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