Online-Shop results

Read about the shops created at the learning activity in Bayreuth

Posted by Martin Kolb on June 21, 2017

How professional can a webshop set up in a week be? Well, very professional as the results of our project week in Bayreuth prove. Read on for a quick run through the five shops we created… Click on the images to get a high-resolution screenshot of the shops!


Even in times of ebooks and the Internet paper books are a great way to relax and immerse into the world of fiction. This group created a shop for paper books. The shop comes in an elegant black and grey design focusing on the book title covers. A photo of a library in the titlebar shows what the shop is all about… books. So the shop’s marketing claim is absolutely true: “We know books. Books are all we can do for u.”

The team behind the shop

Robin Cerny, Julia Gut, Jakub Kopecky, Saskia Müller, Annalena Sader, Miriam Tassara, Roman Ziem


Here in the EU smoking bans have led to a dramatic decline in the number of smokers. Why would you want to start a shop for e-cigarettes then? Because this group would like to encourage people to use e-cigarettes as a means to stop smoking. Accordingly they offer e-cigarettes and accessories. The shop is kept in dark grey colours together with smoke-filled background images.

The team behind the shop

Ann-Kathrin Baier, Evelin Brunner, Sebastian Hart, Thomas Höllering, Marc Schaller, Kristyna Tepla, Maria Volgger,


Ever dropped your smartphone and broke the display? Then this is a shop for you offering the latest covers for your gadgets. The designs reach from elegant single-colour designs to nerdy StarWars covers. Also the shop’s design is very well done. It features a geometric design in the background of the navigation area and footer and a wood texture behind the products.

The team behind the shop

Alina Bär, Matous Brendl, Giulia Cavaliere, Sebastian Hünsch, Stefanie Mur, Hana Senkova, Matthias Sowa,


“Beauty made for everyone” is what you will find in this shop. Lipliner, Mascara, jewellery you name it! This shop has everything in stock for your everyday beauty needs. This is also reflected by the design based on a bold pink background and trendy beauty imagery. The shop features a clear navigational structure and thus makes online-shopping good fun.

The team behind the shop

Felix Görtler, Saskia Kleckers, Manuel Rabensteiner, Anna Ralser, Michal Rychlovsky, Vaclav Shanel, Leah Teufel,


“Everyday starts from the ground up. So make sure you put your best foot forward.” Ideally you should put your foot forward with some shoes from this online store featuring the latest shoe models. The design of the shop is also kept in grey tones and features a beautiful fixed background image (which cannot be shown in the screenshot). What’s more is that this group managed to implement colours and sizes in their shop which is a really advanced thing to do!

The team behind the shop

Alica Harzer, Jason Kraus, Ondrej Martinec, Jan Mateju, Sonja Schenk, Viktoria Wieser