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Posted by Julia Mestel, Mareike Weydenhammer, Karine Vodounou on March 18, 2018

Read the live blog from Dobruska about the meeting taking place from 18th to 23rd March 2018.


After a little journey, we arrived in Prague main train station at around 1 pm. In Prague we gave our luggage to a storage place and started to walk towards the city centre of Prague. We have seen many different places like Charles Bridge, Hradcin and had the opportunity to taste the Bohemian kitchen. After seeing the rest of the sights, and a little delay we finally arrived in Dobruska.


Today we started our day with an amazing breakfast. Shortly after, we went to the school: Dobruska. There we met the Czech students and teachers and learned about the Czech school system. We also had a little tour through the whole school and did some ice-breaking activities. After lunch, we met the mayor at the town hall and we had the chance to walk on top of the tower to see all over the city of Dobruska. Because the weather was so freezing, we cancelled the sightseeing tour through Dobruska, but we stopped at a little museum, the parent house of Frantisek Vladislav Hek. For dinner, we had traditional Czech food made by the students and teachers, it was a delicious experience.


In the morning, we started the day with a presentation about the Internet and its basic technologies. The main idea behind the web is to have common information space in which we communicate by sharing. Our lecturer taught us about the history of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and explained the differences between those programming languages. We also learned something about the phases of development of the web. After that, we had the chance to program our first own Website, with a little help…

In the afternoon, we sat down in our groups put together of three students from Czech Republic, Italy and Germany. We than started creating the Webpage. See our results above.


Today we continued to program our web pages. After that, we had a short journey to Nové Město nad Metují a small city next to Dobruska, where Petra told us a little about the history of the city and we had a short walk through the town and had the chance to buy some souvenirs. The city is famous for its castle and the wooden bridge which led from the countryside to the marketplace. In the castle’s cellar we had a delicious lunch and time to relax. After returning back in Dobruska we continued to work on our websites.


Today was the the last day to work on the details of our website before presenting the final results on Friday. In the afternoon we took the bus to go to the little village of Deštné v Oh. There we visited two museums. After another little drive through the Eagle Mountains we visited a church called Neratov with an glas roof. In the evening we had the farewell dinner. There we had also the possibility to play bowling in a great atmosphere.


The last day started with packing our suitcases and walking to school. At school we presented our webpages (see here) and Mr. Kolb gave a little presentation of the whole project. We received our certifications and said goodbye to everyone. In the afternoon the bus picked us up and brought us to the train station in Prague. We arrived at 11 pm in Bayreuth it was a long journey but it was really worth it.

Group picture in Nove Mesto

title image by János Korom Dr.