New webserver online

FFEC now has its own server

Posted by Martin Kolb on December 2, 2016

Our project now has its own webserver ready. You will find a copy of our website at these two addresses:


Technical Specs

The server is hosted by German company We chose their CLOUD-SERVER M offering. Here are a few facts:

Processor cores 2 CPU vCores
RAM 2 Gigabyte
HD space 150 GB SSD memory
Traffic unlimited
Operating System Debian 8.0 / 64 bit

What the server will be used for

The server will host the project homepage and (even more important) be used for hosting the onlineshop platform. That means that there will be quite a few installation of online shops running on this server for the students of our three participating schools.

Installing and hosting these shops is one of the planned outcomes of our project.

original header image by Torkild Retvedt